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Providing Community Service

Precise Poverty Alleviation

Under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping's strategic thinking on poverty alleviation and development work, COFCO has conscientiously implemented a series of policies and policies on poverty alleviation work of the COFCO Central Committee and the State Council, innovating in the field of poverty alleviation and actively pursuing "precise poverty alleviation.” 


COFCO is responsible for assistance to Tibet Luozha County, Qinghai Menyuan County, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, fixed-point poverty alleviation in Heilongjiang Province Yanshou County, Suibin County, Xinjiang Autonomous Region Wushi County, Guangxi Autonomous County Longan County, Jiangxi Province Xiushui County, Sichuan Province Ganzi County, Shiqu County. COFCO has impacted a total of 9 counties. In 2016, the Group completed the full coverage of the helping hand, and all cadres were sent to poverty alleviation areas for a total of 14 people and 1 working group. 



Community Welfare

COFCO is also concerned about the development of community public welfare. In 2016, COFCO and its companies actively carried out various types of community public welfare activities to contribute to the community.

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