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One of the largest cotton trade enterprises in China, Chinatex operates cotton, spinning, weaving, fabric printing and dyeing, and garment export businesses.

Chinatex is a COFCO’s subsidiary involved in the textiles trade, printing and dyeing, and related business. The company was founded in 1951, and was formerly known as the China Textile Import and Export Corporation.

Chinatex owns a fully functional cotton sales network. It is the biggest cotton importer in China and one of the biggest trading enterprises in domestic cotton industry. It’s also one of the sponsors of China National Cotton Exchange. The business scope of Chinatex cotton covers acquisition, processing, warehousing, logistics, import and exports. It also maintains a complete industry chain from the yarns and fabrics to ready-made garments. Chinatex now has 4 large-scale textile factories, operating approximately half a million textiles spindles, 517 shuttleless looms and 4 knitted fabric manufacturers (3 domestic and 1 overseas) , producing more than 100,000 tons of printed and dyed knitted fabrics each year, ranking among the top 3 in Asia. Moreover, Chinatex’s clothing trade volume reaches 20 million articles per year with more than 200 million US dollars in export.

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