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As China’s largest integrated consumer goods packaging group, CPMC primarily provides tinplate packaging products, aluminum packaging products and plastic packaging products, covering extensively the packaging market segments for consumer goods such as food, beverages, beer, dairy products and household chemical products.

Aiming at the medium and high-end customers of the consumer goods packaging industry with a multiple products portfolio and continuously improving regional layout, CPMC conducts its business through 28 operating subsidiaries and over 30 factories all over China. CPMC has a coverage across the Bohai Sea economic circle, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Watershed economic zones, in close proximity to the booming downstream consumer markets and distribution areas of key customers.

CPMC has advanced national packaging laboratories and R&D center with CNAS certificate, with strong test capabilities on metal raw materials, finished packaging, food safety and chemical corrosion etc. This center has also made breakthroughs in UV printing, automated video detection and environmental-friendly waste heat recycling technology. It has led the formulation of various national standards and holds 359 patents in China. CPMC is also leading the packaging industry towards green, efficient, energy-saving upgrades with deep integration of “production, study and research” resources.

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