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COFCO Engineering Technology

A scientific and technological enterprise, specializing in grain, oil and food engineering and technology services and a leading engineering service provider in agriculture, grain and food.

COFCO Engineering & Technology Co., Ltd. (COFCO E&T) offers solutions for grian & oil industry, including logistics, cold chain, storage, processing and deep processing technology services of wheat, rice, oilseed, corn, feed and meat. We provide applicable technological development, engineering consulting, design, general contracting, supervision and complete sets of mechanical and electrical equipment. COFCO E&T has established an efficient business framework of “research and development + engineering design + engineering contracting + equipment manufacturing”.

COFCO E&T has the most comprehensive and the highest level of business qualifications in the grain processing industry: Commercial Food Industry Business (Class A), Engineering Design (Class A), Mechanical and electrical Installation Engineering (Grade A), Equipment Supervision (Grade B), Project Supervision (Class A), Pressure Vessels and other business qualifications. These offer COFCO ET a strong competitive advantage in undertaking domestic grain and oil processing business.

Stick to the corporate mission of providing technical services to clients and the industry with the best returns on investment, COFCO E&T has grown steadily through innovations on technology, system, business and management, as well as through development into international market. We built the only laboratory in the industry of grain engineering equipment research, the National Engineering Laboratory for Grain and Oil Processing Machinery and Equipment, which is carrying out the technology research on digital, intelligent and key components to provide strong technical support in the market competition of grain and oil processing.


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